Monday, April 21, 2014
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AFL Web Printing and Halston Media Strengthen their Partnership

Michele Nesbihal, Vice President of Sales Operations announced Halston Media has selected AFL to strengthen their subscription base and manage their Circulation Services.  Tanya Erickson, Director of Customer Integration and US Postal Service award winner will be overseeing the transition with her team who will focus on managing and growing Halston Media subscribers.

Halston Media has been a partner of AFL since 2010.  They have three Community Newspapers in New York: Mahopac News, Somers Record and the Yorktown News it’s newest publication started in April this year.

“Choosing AFL as our official circulation services provider was a no-brainer.

From the beginning of our relationship with AFL, Tanya Erickson has been instrumental in helping us navigate the complicated rules and regulations of the U.S. Postal Service. There is simply too much to lose by handling circulation services on our own. AFL has become an essential partner in helping us maximize our postal savings.” Brett Freeman,

Halston Media Editor and Publisher, said.  

AFL Web Printing is the Mid-Atlantic leader in offset printing, print services and circulation services and their main focus is their customer’s success.  To learn more about how AFL can be your partner in growth call them at 856-237-6025.

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